energy availability increased

In order to increase the company's energy avaibility, a photovoltaic system is being installed on the company building. The plant, which is being built by a local company, is intended to ensure greater self-sufficiency in energy supply with a peak output of 50 kWp. With this future-proof investment, we want to ensure that our customers will continue to be able to purchase our products reliably, in high quality and with as stable a price as possible. 

Current market and delivery situation

As you are aware, there are shortages of raw materials in several industries around the world, which are leading to production limitations in some areas. This affects various manufacturing companies, including suppliers of KST. In addition, the geopolitical situation and the sanctions imposed by the EU have led to a significant shortage of raw materials on the market. Crisis-related restrictions on transport routes are also complicating the situation.

How do we react to this?

Those responsible for purchasing at KST are dealing with this situation with foresight and responsibility. Through long-term procurement planning, we are increasing supply security in order to maintain production capacity and to be able to act quickly even if material deliveries are forthcoming.

Covering our customers' needs is our top priority. However, in individual cases we also have to approach our customers and ask them to approve alternative components or special procurement sources.

Currently our suppliers - both manufacturing companies and trading companies - are frequently claiming force majeure and confirming delivery dates only with reservations. This inevitably results in delivery obstacles that are completely beyond the control of KST and also the control of our suppliers.

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Change of shareholders

RBB Management AG takes over further shares on KST GmbH

Effektive 21.10.2021, there was a change of shareholders in the company. The shares held by Dr. Fröhlich were taken over by RBB Management AG Bautzen. We are pleased that an institutional investor is expanding its commitment and laying the base for the long-term successful development of the company.