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Current market and delivery situation

We are currently working on a plan to reduce these raw material bottlenecks to a minimum by taking appropriate measures. Of course, we are examining further measures and possibilities to mitigate the
potential damage of this bottleneck. Nevertheless confirmed delivery dates for individual series will have to be postponed in individual cases. This means that we currently have to review and re-evaluate various order confirmations.

As a result of these developments and due to extreme price increases, we cannot rule out additional costs and have to reckon with new procurement risks.

We can only point out once again that due to the current situation on the procurement market, delivery times have already been extended extremely and we therefore ask you to place your inquiries and your orders as early as possible so that we can continue to ensure the security of supply as well as possible can guarantee.

Ordering early and with foresight also helps us to continue to secure prices as well as possible in the face of rapid price dynamics through forward-looking action together with you.

We hope that in this way negative consequences can be averted with the least possible impact through responsible action by all parties involved in the supply chain